SHADERS.XYZ is a forum created in an effort to unite all look-development nerds from the various render engines out there. The focus is on doing monthly material challenges whilst being as transparent as possible about your process. It's all about learning from and sharing with like-minded people. To get started, choose a challenge.

Note: we've recently launched shaders xyz 2.0 - read all about the upgrades here


The goal of the challenge? Replicate the material as closely as you can. All possible ways to get to the end result are allowed. The idea is to be as open as possible, so try to share the setup of the shaders in as much detail as you can. Make sure to vote on your favorite submission in the challenge. Winners will be announced every 1st of the month, along with the next challenge.

This website has had some support from some awesome people. A special thank you goes to Maxime Roz for providing world-class HDRIs, Jonas Bergholm, Arvid Schneider, Caio Pimentel, Adriyan Tandia and Tom Norman for moderating. For those concerned, read the Privacy Policy